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CPT Codes, and their Descriptions for Remote Patient Monitoring

CPT Codes:

CodeDescription Reimbursement
99453Usage of CPT code 99453 is limited to one device per patient. If multiple devices are distributed in a given month, bill for one device, and the second device's billing occurs in the following month. $19.32 per device
99454The patient must submit at least 16 days of readings at least 30 days. These readings must be taken on separate days.  $62 once every 30-days
99457It is designed to provide reimbursement for care coordination and physician-patient interaction. It requires at least 20 minutes of interactive, virtual communication during one calendar month. $48.80
99458This code is employed for additional time increments of 20 minutes beyond the initial 20-minute minimum requirement. It serves as a supplementary code to 99457 and is eligible for billing in unlimited 20-minute intervals each month. $40.84 per person per mont

*actual reimbursement varies by region.